2. Juli 2014

Kurzgeschichte: Redemption

Letztens (vor ungefähr 3 Monaten) hatten wir eine Englisch Hausaufgabe. Diese war sogar ausnahmsweise eine interessante Aufgabe. Wir sollten eine Geschichte schreiben, mit vorgegebenen Wörtern. Eine Freundin und ich haben diese zusammen geschrieben und als wir sie jetzt nach 3 Monaten endlich besprochen haben, fand sie echt großen Anklang. Also dachte ich mir, ich könnte sie für die Anglophilen unter euch posten.
Die vorgegebenen Wörter sind übrigens fett gedruckt. 

Redemption - A short story by Christine and a friend

I was sitting in physical chemistry. A class I am not particularly interested in but I was forced to take for my chemistry degree. The geek sitting next to me thought differently and he tried to explain the math which we were revising. “Awesome”, I thought not only was he smelling like nachos but also he must now think that I am dumb.  Therefore I told him: “I really appreciate your help but I can actually do it on my own.”  He gave me sort of a questioning look and answered: “Well if you say so, but we could still have some coffee one time and study for exams together.” I was extremely surprised by the speed of his move to ask me out considering I only knew him for roughly an hour. Frankly he was not my kind of guy and he looked like he could use a shower or he can go on eating his nachos or whatever on his own - I don´t think I really want to know.  “That would be nice, George, but I have a booked schedule coming up. Sometime else” I responded.  He nodded disappointed.
Class was finally over and I told him I had to catch my bus which actually was the truth and not an excuse. I hurried to my bus but as lucky as I always am: I watched it drive away from me.  “God dangit”, I cursed. I got myself together and walked past the stereotypical vandalism on the wall at the bus stop. “You and I are forever”.  The “forever” was actually spelled F-O-U-R-E-V-A. I started questioning - once again - the American Educational System.  Ignoring the failure I went to the information board and I had to find out I was about to spend an entire hour at a bus stop. Maybe I should have taken the coffee.
Waiting there I recognized an old man watching me. When he saw I noticed him he came over. He had blue brochures under his arm: “Hello there my young friend. Do you want to learn something about Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior – Amen - , or what is going to happen with your soul once you have passed away?” Since I was not responding he went on: “Well my dear, I hope you already know about the chance of redemption Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior – Amen - already has offered you. Or the destiny God chose for you?”  -  “I actually already am a Christian so go and save another soul”, begging him in my thoughts to shut the heck up. “Then have a nice day, miss” he said. “You too”, I answered. “Creep”, I thought almost hoping he would trip and break his nose before annoying somebody innocent again. While watching him walking – sadly not tripping – away to his next victim. George, the geek, arrived at the bus stop. Almost yelling I told the Jehovah Witness: “He, over there, has not received the gift God offered us all!  His soul is not saved yet!” Adding to this incredible win-win situation two cute guys entered the same bus as I was about to enter as well. Placing myself in the seat in front of the cuties I had to notice something devastating: They weren´t the brightest stars among the sky and on top of that they were talking about the Champions League. Great.


  1. Wow Christine, das ist voll gut! Ich bin aus unserer Klasse bei sowas immer nur gewöhnt, dass die Wörter einfach aneinander gehangen werden, Hauptsache man hat sie alle verbraten. Frei nach dem Motto-
    Champions League, I'll appreciate it forever and the truth is that football is my destiny.
    Wie gesagt, super Geschichte! Sowas kannst du gerne öfter posten, außerdem mag ich es, dass du auch "anglophil" angehaucht bist. ;-)
    Alles Liebe
    Anna ⭐️

    1. Freut mich, dass dir die Geschichte so gut gefällt :) und bei uns gab es auch ein paar Kandidaten, die solche Geschichten zu Stande gebracht haben

  2. Wieso können wir nicht so was Produktives machen?! Aber neeein, wir lesen uns unnötige Texte durch und müssen sie nicht mal anstatzweise verstehen -.- :D

    Dein Peanut

    P. S.: Echt gute Geschichte, übrigens ;)

  3. http://herzensgeschichten.blogspot.de/2014/07/100-dinge-denen-du-erkennst-dass-du-zu.html
    Badaboooom. Getaggt und so. Hehe.

    Liebste Grüße! ♥

  4. Das ist echt richtig gut! Du kannst verdammt gut Englisch, oder? Aber bist du nicht auch irgendwie zweisprachig augewachsen oder so?
    Hihi, die Hauptfigur ist echt gemein :D. Wie sie George den Zeugen Jehovas auf den Hals hetzt ^^.
    Ihr habt die Wörter echt super eingebaut :).

    1. Naja verdammt gutes Englisch würde ich nicht sagen. Ich baue schon genügend Fehler ein. Aber in der Tat bin ich bilingual aufgewachsen. Deutsch und Englisch ;)
      Ich finde die Hauptperson auch gemein, aber eigentlich bin ich ihr ziemlich ähnlich :´D
      Liebe Grüße


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