6. Januar 2015

Who sucks at her own challenge? || Blogging in English Ending

You all know the answer. I do!
Well although I suck, you did not! Congrats and happy new year! May tumblr be overflowing with Page 1 from 365 Posts!
I probably should have been more active here on blogger but you guys know life happens. However I hope you enjoyed your challenge. And all of you and I mean all of you wrote in excellent English. Therefore I would very much enjoy some feedback!

I know I said in the beginning that only people who completed the challenge were allowed to participate in the giveaway. I changed my mind. Everyone who tried to master the challenge can participate in the comments! All of you did such a great job! 

The only thing I require is you to tell me in the comments whether you enjoyed the challenge and what English book you would like to win!

You have time to participate until next week [December 13th]. On December 17th I will announce the winner who can win an English book of their choice [value up to 15€]. I will then send them the book through amazon.de. 

I hope you all have a wonderful new year!´

Lots of love


  1. Oh, I didn't know, that I can win a book with the Challenge :D (or I forgot it ^^)
    So, I enjoyed the Challenge very much, because it's an "Abwechslung" (I don't want to look up words I don't know at the moment...) to all the English posts and I think, three posts are not that much, that I can improve my English realy, but it's a little step to better English. I think, although the Challenge is over, I want to post some English posts in the next weeks on my blog ans I want to write my reviews for English books in English ;)
    So, thank you for the great Challenge idea! :)
    When I win the Challenge, I wish the book "Shatter me" by Tahereh Mafi.

    Lovely Greetings and a happy new year!

    (Oh God, I bet there are so many mistakes in this comment :'D)

  2. Hey Christine!
    a short statement: I really enjoyed to participate in this challenge! For me it was a good way to check and to improve my own english skills, of course it took (and takes) a long time to translate all the thoughts in english and the first time it wasn't that easy to force myself to publish the post, but it was fun!

    I have decided to go on, maybe not in context of this challenge, but anyway:)

    And now I want to participate in the giveaway:) I would like to win "Looking for alaska" from John Green :3

    I wish you a wonderful new year too!

  3. Weell, I haven't posted a lot in the last few months either, but it still was fun to try and post something in english ^.^
    I probably will continue to write some posts in english, just because I have so much fun and I'm always so proud afterwards =D
    Since my wishlist has more than 50 or 60 books on it, I'm checking my goodreads right now.....wait a sec....okay, so. I'd loooooooove to win "Eleanor & Park" by Rainbow Rowell *.* Really want to read that one! (If it does not make any troubles, could you maaaybe get the hardcover version? Ugh, I probably won't win, so whatever xD)

    Have to say it one last time: It was SO MUCH FUN, thank you for having this brillant idea!!!
    ♥ Ley

  4. Haha, I have only posted three English posts, so I'm not much better xD
    But then I've started this year an English blog with Kuecki, so I'll have to write now more in English xD
    One book, that's standing on top of my wishlist for quite a long time is Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. I've just finished Hopeless and I really enjoyed reading it, so I definitely want to read more by Colleen Hoover!



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